Sunday, February 1, 2009

Snow Day Soft Pretzels

Last Wednesday, the kids had another snow day. The kids and I decided to bake soft pretzels. We tried a new soft pretzel recipe, and were pleased with the results. Kneading the dough, rolling out long ropes of dough and shaping the dough into pretzels was great fun!

Bay's way of saying "I love you" to Grace and Mama.

Miss Grace stirring up the yeast mixture.

Here you can see how many shapes & sizes were created with our double batch of pretzel dough.

My favorite one...I think I like the swirly-ness of it! This was one Bay made.

A successful traditional pretzel shape, made by Grace.

Grace made an "A", for whatever reason.

Bay even fashioned a "Chevy Bow Tie" out of some of his dough.

SEE what fun baking pretzels is!


Lura said...

This is something I have wanted to try with the boys. Love the last picture!

RubyJunes said...

Thanks, Lura! They were fun to make with the kids! Yep, that last picture is a keeper, eh? :)