Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Apron Giveaway at Not Quite June Cleaver!

I love aprons...there's just something so nostalgic about them. I wear one almost daily at home, and have collected several vintage ones, and made quite a few new ones myself! My Grace enjoys donning one of her lil aprons when she's cleaning, cooking, or playing with her toy kitchen stuff. She put on her "spotty apron" this afternoon to do her dishes and straighten up the living room. ("spotty" = multi-colored polka dots!)

Today I re-discovered a favorite blog about aprons, and all things domestic-ish...visit Not Quite June Cleaver to share in the Apron Addiction, and while you're there, enter to WIN an apron! Enjoy her GREAT list of links to other Homekeeping, Homeschooling, Cooking, Green, etc. blogs and sites!

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