Tuesday, June 5, 2007

'Tis the Season...Americana

I just love decorating with Americana things. Our tv room is painted in a deep barn red, and I've gathered lots of great red-white-and-blue things to keep with the Americana theme! This picture is of the things currently on top of our tall distressed white tv cabinet--excuse any visible dust! :) Ohio and "Yankee Homecoming" flags (in crock that was found in a garbage pile! yippee!), a grungy star make-do, a wire cage thingy, and a Longaberger flag basket...not to mention the "necessary" speakers for that noisy surround sound set-up.


Citygirl-Em said...

Hi Ruby June...welcome to the land of BLOG! You're doin' great! Before you know it, you'll be going through daily life, considering every thing that happens to be fodder for your blog!

Your banner looks great! Oh, by the way, I've tagged you, so you'll need to start a new post, and list 7 things on your 'to do' list! Check my blog if you need some guidance. Don't blame me...Deb from All Things Raggedy started it!

Tonya said...

Hey Ruby June, love this display of flags, and the crock is awesome. The dust only adds charm. :-)